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Partner Network

We have strategic partnerships with the following organisations:

Xpertivity Ltd (www.xpertivity.com)

Xpertivity has developed a SaaS[1]/Cloud based solution that provides a “Lean Operations Management” / “Workforce Optimisation” solution called ServiceForce. Co-designed with Kefron McLaw, it provides service and knowledge worker organisations with an enterprise level solution for demand & capacity management, operations performance analytics and overall workforce optimisation. ServiceForce works as either a standalone SaaS/Cloud Workforce Optimisation solution or it can integrate with ERP and Workflow solutions.

Where deployed, ServiceForce has dramatically improved the sustainability of the advanced operations management practices & behaviours required to embed operational excellence as a core competence in the organisation. This in turn ensures that the performance improvements initially achieved are maintained and become the platform for further, continuous improvements in the future. 

Together Kefron McLaw & Xpertivity are uniquely placed to design and deliver an enterprise-wide, performance improvement control & management framework solution that delivers, sustains and continuously improves organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

The Kefron Group (www.kefron.ie)

The Kefron Group are one of the leading providers of advanced information and secure document management solutions in Ireland.

Many of the organisations we have worked with have shown themselves to have poor overall solutions in place for managing information and documents in the most effective, efficient and compliant manner. Information and document management solutions that have been shown to be the most robust in this regard are those that have come about as a result of designing/improving the associated processes and then applying the most appropriate enabling technology. Together Kefron McLaw & the wider Kefron group are uniquely placed to design and deliver solutions that have at their core effectiveness, efficiency and compliance that drive costs down and service up over time.

IGrafx (www.igrafx.co.uk)

iGrafx is a recognised leader in delivering Business Process Analysis solutions that help organisations model, improve and manage processes and technologies that support, simplify, and automate their operations. McLaw & Associates Ltd are one of Igrafxs partners in Ireland and we have standardised our own process mapping & analysis toolset around the Igrafx suite. In conjunction with Xpertivity, we have designed an interface between the two products that allows for the integration of both products so as to provide a unique operational excellence management toolset for our client organisations.

Together Kefron McLaw, Xpertivity & Igrafx are uniquely placed to deliver an integrated solution for the management and improvement of end to end business processes.

Symbio Business Solutions (www.symbio.ie)

Symbio is a consultancy business founded by practitioners with extensive experience in leadership roles across a wide range of businesses. Symbio has 4 main areas of focus in the support it provides to business leaders and their organisations

  • Strategic Business Planning:

    We have regularly worked with Symbio in delivering their Standing In The Future model: a 2 Day Executive Programme enables organisations/divisions to develop solid strategic plans.

  • Organisational Restructuring / Change Management:

    Symbio & McLaw actively assist CEOs and Leadership teams in the design, development and implementation of major change management/ restructuring programmes by delivering unique expertise in lean operations excellence and organisational development (including industrial relations).

  • Leadership Coaching/ Development and Training:

    Symbio have also partnered in the area of Leadership Coaching for CEOs, CFOs, senior Executives and Leadership Teams using a range of well proven coaching models and approaches.

  • HR/ER Effectiveness Programmes

McLaw Have used Symbio’s support in the areas of Performance Management, Competency Modelling, Management /Succession Planning, Employee Communications, HR Admin/IT/Management Information Systems and Recruitment.  

Together, Kefron McLaw and Symbio provide an integrated suite of Operational Excellence and Change Management/ Organisational Development Programs in both the hard and soft skills required to successfully develop and embed a sustainable Operationally Excellent organisation.

Tandem Consulting (www.tandemconsulting.ie)

The Tandem Consulting team are drawn from a variety of business and social science disciplines, bringing a range of skills to bear on assignments. Our core expertise is in strategy creation, organisation development and people management. Tandem Consulting work across all sectors with a simple mandate: helping clients deliver extraordinary performance.

[1] Software as a Service