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Promise Delivery

Any sale—from the smallest consumer item to the largest enterprise-wide solution imaginable—is about much more than simply providing a product or service. A sale is really about delivering a promise to the customer. Unfortunately, many companies have no idea what their sales promise is. They may have a company vision or a mission statement, but those don’t address the specific processes the company uses to deliver value to its customers.

A true sales promise goes way beyond a tangible deliverable. It’s about the customer’s interaction with your company throughout the sales cycle. It requires that everyone from every department is aligned on customer satisfaction. It’s about the service and interaction with the company after the sale. It’s about making customers feel confident that your company as a whole can deliver the results the customer wants…and exceed expectations.

In essence, it takes every single department to fulfil your company’s sales promise. When you are clear about the promise you want to make to your customers, and then make sure everyone in every process knows what that promise is and their role in its delivery, you can deliver on your promise and exponentially grow your sales.

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