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Kefron Filestores

Kefron McLaw is part of the Kefron Group. Kefron offers the most advanced document and data management service in Ireland. Designed to save time, money and energy – Kefron Filestores services for physical records management leave staff free to concentrate on doing the jobs that drive your business.

Let our skilled team take that burden from you, whether you are a small business or part of a multi-national organisation. You can rely on us to store your vital documents using world-class facilities, innovative technology and staff that care about every detail of the process.

We have a World-Class Records Centre for short or long term storage and our facilities include Ireland’s only Firelock Media Vault. Firelock is the highest rated fire protection storage environment in the world. We are the first in Ireland to offer this ground-breaking, secure, off-site storage for electronic data and computer back-ups.

Our file retrieval and delivery service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand that you may need to have an original file on short notice for a meeting or court hearing. Our precision cataloguing and dedicated staff ensure we can make that happen. We can even alert you to compliance deadlines ahead of time, such as the end of the document retention period.

Our online document hosting service enables you to manage documents and data stored in our Records Centre online. This gives you direct access to key information, the ability to schedule deliveries, generate reports, order services or search our RSSQL database and print results from your own desktop.

We also provide On-site Storage and Management if you need expertise to manage your files at your own premises. Our expertise combined with our customised software means your filing can be kept permanently secure, updated and compliant.

For further information on our document management services please go to Kefron.com