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Tactical Change Programs

Many organisations are more tentative in their approach to adopting the disciplines of Operational Excellence and as a result engage us to pilot or demonstrate the benefits of these disciplines by way of some limited, tactical interventions. Equally they may have some form of operational excellence capability internally and may simply require some additional resources or have a need for a deeper level of experience & expertise to develop and mentor their internal resources.

Scope & Timescale:

A typical tactical intervention program lasts 3-4 months but some can run up to 12 months.

The variety of project is quite large and the following examples are representative:

Examples & Outcomes:

Life Insurance Underwriting Area

Goal: Improve Average “Time to First Answer” (Cycle Time) in Underwriting from 8 days to 1 day.

Result: Achieved Same Day Service for 90% of cases.

Duration: 4 months

Life Insurance & Pensions Back Office Functions

Goal 1: Improve the productivity of 200+ FTE across 16 teams by 15+%.

Goal 2: Improve Service Quality to Industry Leader Level

Goal 3: Develop contact centre to be number 1 in industry

Result: Achieved 25% productivity Improvement and now Industry Leader in Service, won award as best contact centre in industry within 12 months.

Duration: 15 months

Large Public Banking Group

Goal 1: Develop Operational Excellence Program Framework for Group.

Goal 2: Pilot examples of Operational Excellence across Group

Goal 3: Recruit and seed management team with appropriate external expertise to scale roll out.

Goal 3: Deliver 5 pilot areas: Improve “Time to First Decision” across 5 Core Business Processes including Mortgages, Consumer Loans, Business Loans, Credit Card Loans & C/A Opening to “same day”

Result: Achieved all goals and seeded organisation with practitioners to develop capabilities internally.

Duration: 10 months