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Kefron McLaw Limited specialise in assisting service organisations across a variety of Industries to dramatically improve their performance and in particular their execution. Our partners and associates are master practitioners in Operational Excellence, the art and science of making organisations effective, efficient, rewarding places to work and where being a customer is a joy.

We are passionate about developing Operational Excellence as a core competence in organisations, particularly in the service and knowledge worker sectors. We have been refining this approach by working extensively with leading Services Companies in Ireland, Europe and the US giving us an unparalleled depth and breadth knowledge of the industry.

We work with organisations from the CEO to the front line teams to develop their

Operational /execution competencies so as to dramatically improve the organisations productivity, effectiveness and overall execution.

Our methodology delivers a substantial & sustained improvement in the productivity and effectiveness of the business in a relatively short period of time.

All of our partners and associates invest heavily in ongoing training & development to ensure we have available the latest learning and best practices in Operational Excellence.

By combining these best practices and adapting them to the service and knowledge worker sectors, we have become the leading practitioner in this area in Ireland.

The partners at Kefron McLaw & Associates have invested the bulk of our working lives in learning, executing and improving our professional knowledge, skills and toolsets in this area. This has been done at the coalface of many excellent and some less than excellent companies, at levels from the front line to Senior Executive, CEO and board level in businesses from startup enterprises to global companies such as Moog, RCA, Maidenform, Dell, Ericsson, Bowne Global Solutions and Eircom.

Our associates come from similar practitioner backgrounds and they work with us in developing, implementing and, where necessary, adapting our recommended improvements to custom fit the specific situation encountered on the ground. We have leveraged this background to become the leaders in building operational excellence as a core competence in service and knowledge worker clients in Ireland, Europe and the USA.